African Dancer 1981

African Dancer – 1981

“The physical act of painting was my greatest joy in those early years. When I declared a painting complete, it was always a little sad because it was if I had created a new friend, or place I wanted to be. Now that the work was complete my time with that image, that place, that emotion…. was also finished.”

Basic Bio Facts:

DOB: 11/19/1959
Born, Raised and Resides in Morristown, NJ  USA
Education: BA Economics, Villanova University, 1981. Minor in Religious Studies.
Primary Career: Self Employed as a Non-Broadcast Video Production Technician. Avocation: Rugby (Player, Coach, Referee). Married to Jane since 1993. Three Amazing Children.

Years active as Artist 1980-1988, 2014-present

Principal Creative Accomplishment: Development of “The Ascending Colors”, a visual language that uses hand rendered “Ascents” of color as picture elements from which are built abstract, narrative and metaphoric images.
Contact:   Direct Contact:  MJS.art@MJStumpf.com        Business Contact:  Info@MJStumpf.com
Basement Studio, 1986

Basement Studio, 1986