“While I would never have called myself a sculptor, I found that with certain materials in hand, the creative outlet was equal to that which I found with painting. I only did about a dozen objects in those early years, and most were catalyzed by finding a material or component and either presenting it or combining it with other components to create an expression. I reserve the right to do more Crucibles in the future.”

Objects vs Images.

“I believe it fair to say that all paintings should now be considered objects, not just images. Images today are what we keep on our electronic devices. Images fly around as .gif and .jpg’s, sit on computer desktops and pour out of flat screens.  An actual original painting, while projecting an image, is also wood and fabric and oil and craft and Art, not just the image.  Exclusive of painting, the word “image” has changed.  Photography started the change and digital has now made it permanent. The beauty in this evolution is that the digital image now gives unlimited voice to the image that originates as the single object. And that’s a good thing.” MJS