Surrealist Journey

“From my earliest interest in painting, I found himself highly influenced by the early 20th Surrealist. The 1980’s brought a considerable revival of interest in their work and I became particularly interested in the work of Maguritte, Ernst, Dali and the American Joseph Cornell.
In many ways I find Surrealism like comedy…. its entire premise is to gain a reaction by changing up on expectations. The mundane becomes the fantastic and visa versa. We can see this in daily life if we choose to, opening ones eyes to see and feel what I call “Everyday Surrealism”. It’s a personal process of allowing your senses to be overloaded and taking pleasure, if not always comfort, from the experience.”

“My pursuit of surrealism was a personal search for the sublime. So many Surrealist paintings are set in wide open spaces that are often desolate and yet beautiful. The paintings begin with that space and then become populated with a range of physical and emotional fantasy. Sometimes you can step back and enjoy the view, other times you will be challenged. Eventually you will find yourself asking what is this place, what am I doing here, who are the characters, and is what is it that is keeping me here.”

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