The Montclair Prints

1984 Montclair“These are a series of prints that I produced in a Printmaking class at Montclair State College in the spring of 1984. Taking the class was among the few times I came close to joining the “art establishment”.  All of the prints are monotypes of ink and oil, rendered on a zinc plate and pressed to hand pulled sheet of pulp and cotton paper. I found the paper making tedious but it gave me a greater sense of ownership in the entire creative process.  The subject matters and image elements were close to the other highly surrealist work I was doing on canvas at the time. I greatly enjoyed the monotype medium as a creative tool. Unfortunately, I was never able to gather the time or resources to pursue it any further back then.  I received a reasonable, though not exceptional grade for the class. While the instructor did appreciate my creativity and technical execution, I receive deductions for failing to produce work that was inline with class instructions. At the time, that felt very much like a compliment.”